Funtions of vietnam server direct admin management system

November 4, 2016

Vietnam server DirectAdmin management system offers administration to end-users, providers and resellers.

  1. Management functions

DirectAdmin allows users to:

  • Quickly and easily change and create the management account and reseller accounts as well as add more new sub-manager accounts.
  • Administrators are entitled to create hosting/ server resources to distribute to resellers and end-users.
  • Easy to access, classify and change information as well as the list of user accounts.
  • Create, edit or delete any DNS records on the server.
  • Install IP server and specify the goal of using IP (shared IP or private IP) to the end-user accounts.
  • Monitor the operating status of the Vietnam dedicated server strictly.
  • Make statistics of server’s parameters, the amount of consumed resources and the relevant information of the system.


  1. Functions for resellers

DirectAdmin allow resellers to:

  • Install IP on the server and specify purpose of using IP (shared IP or private IP) according to available options to the end-user accounts.
  • Monitor and make statistic consumed resources of the reseller accounts and sort of information according to specific cases.
  • Create, edit and delete the list of accounts quickly and easily.
  • Create accounts and divide resources for the each of customer.
  • Add, change reseller managing interface to personalize the control panel.
  • Monitor the performance of the server closely.
  • Create own VPS information.


  1. Functions for end- users

DirectAdmin allows end-users to

  • Create and install the e-mail accounts with functions of forwarding, auto reply, mail filtering, the MX record, SMTP identification.
  • Create, edit and remove FTP accounts, create FTP accounts with sub domains and anonymous login.
  • Change DNS, A, CNAME, NS, MX and PTR record.
  • Check the storage and bandwidth of Vietnam server hosting, check account information and traffic through Webalizer.
  • Run CGI language, use PHPMyAdmin and check the extension of PHP /Perl…
  • Optimize the use of the website created by MS FrontPage.
  • Create, delete, and create statistics FTP accounts with Sub domains FTP.
  • Rename, move, copy, delete, and assign permissions to create/edit new files.
  • Create, delete MySQL databases, assign permissions to create the account, use PHPMyAdmin and change the password to access.
  • Create website backups and restore data from the backup copy.
  • Create user and password to limit access to certain files.

• Install SSL certificate and the routine task, check the information of server and link domains together…