How to maintain any type of servers Vietnam (part 1)

August 2, 2017

Some people, who may not have experience with computers, may be intimidated at the thought of buying and maintaining servers Vietnam.

Actually, maintaining a server is like maintaining a computer. The owner needs to manage the server, ensure that it’s clean, scan for viruses, regularly update the OS and remove old files to keep a server running and minimize downtime. Most of the things can be automatically conducted by using special server software and more often than not, the owners have to do is click a few buttons.

Monitor server activity and performance

It I so important that network admins always know that what is going on with their servers. This allows them to make sure that it’s working well, as well as anticipate any upcoming issues. In some cases, the installed server operating system has some built-in tools to help monitor the performance. For those who want to automate this function, there are many available types of private server Vietnam monitoring services and software.

The most basic performance monitoring service or software should provide admins a bird’s eye view of the server’s performance during peak periods. Some types of servers may need different types of reports. For instance, admins of mail servers need to to find out how long messages are in the queue before they’re delivered.

For those who absolutely have to know what is going on with their servers 24/7/365, some activity monitoring services offer regular reports & email or text alerts if the server experiences unusual activity. However, unless the person is an IT manager in a huge organization, everyday server owners should be satisfied with weekly/monthly detailed reports.

Servers VN

Regular cleaning of the server

Making sure that the hardware and environment are clean is another way to maintain a server. Computer hardware is tough, however, and though accumulated dust and particles can cause damage, maintaining a clean environment is not too difficult. Wipe down the hardware with a dry, clean cloth as needed, depending on how dusty it gets. Use compressed air to remove dust and debris from inside the Vietnam server private and once a month or so, use a special computer cleaning solution and do a deep cleaning. This will remove dirt or waste which may have found its way inside the server. During peak periods, servers create hot air, so that you should ensure that the server is placed in a well-ventilated and cool area.