Role of a dedicated IP address for SEO in Vietnam server (part 2)

September 29, 2017

There’re many reasons for availing a private IP in shared web hosting Vietnam server and these are explained below.

  1. Universal browser compatibility

Thanks to the new SNI technology, now it’s possible to assign multi-SSLs on shared IP addresses. There can be a problem with some browsers that’re supported by older versions and the users to these particular sites may be warned about low trust level of these sites. This scenario can be avoided by availing a dedicated IP address for your shared web hosting.

  1. Ease of access

If you’re required to check your site on a shared hosting prior to pointing the domain to it, a dedicated IP will allow an easy access your site. Private IP will also enable direct server access without altering DNS (domain name server) settings as far as the domain is concerned.

  1. Spam protection

It’s observed that is accessed by thousands of blogs for the purpose of spam protection. One should note that trackbacks are also having potential to be marked as spam. There can be some websites in your server in Vietnam that can be termed as bad neighbor websites. If such a website links to you, then you will mark it as spam instead of publicly exposing these websites in trackbacks.

There can be many instances of such spam marking. will block a legit website for trying to link with a good website since the trackback will not be visible. Such a scenario can be easily avoided by going for a private IP that will be unique to your site and will protect your website from being labeled as spam.

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  1. Reputation

It’s possible to harm your reputation by any site that occurs to share the same IP with your website. This can also impact your website’s ability of communicating with specific web hosting plans. This may also affect your email service. Such abuse consequences can be avoided by using a private IP for your email. Besides this if you’re building an authority blog, you had better think of a dedicated IP.

  1. Ping time

It’s been noticed that many search engines consider website’s ping time as an indicator for SERPs. If there’re thousands of sites being stored in a single server VN with common IP address, then the ping time will be affected. One should also find out number of sites that’re using the same server in addition to getting a dedicated IP address.


There’s no convincing reason to conclude that a dedicated IP address in a shared web hosting plan will positively impact SERPs of that site. However, there’re few other great reasons to try this choice since it’s not going to drill a big hole in your purse.