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Since the Vietnam server industry has grown big over the years, web hosting platforms have classified into a couple of distinct types. Each of them having its own advantages and disadvantages that creates big confusion to Website owners. Being a business owner it becomes inevitable for you to understand them all in details, prior to […]

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Affiliate marketing helps both server Vietnam provider and marketer make money via a system that do statistic of hosting orders. How can new hosting providers get efficient affiliate marketers? Now that we have seen how affiliate marketing can help hosting businesses and affiliate marketers make more money, we’ll go on to look into what hosting […]



It’s clearly that cloud has redefined Vietnam servers hosting, and cloud adoption is no more a privilege for only big organizations. Today, it’s popular to see even individual people making use of the cloud for many online file storage needs. Among the various kinds of data hosting, 3-rd party cloud and private cloud are so common. […]



This article will teach you about the primary concepts and knowledge for ways to start a Small Business with Vietnam server hosting. We will go through step by step and it will be fun learning. So get ready for the tour. And your customers will love seeing your new business online. So never take any […]



In practical it is tough to calculate the exact amount, so should you decide on your Vietnam servers bandwidth just with a guess work? Websites can be broadly categorized as small, medium huge and websites. Huge sites categorically has large amount of data and attract enormous traffic wherein small sites have lesser amount of data mostly […]



There are a lot of questions that you need to ask your potential Vietnam server hosting before making decision. These asked questions will indicate what the provider offers you in long term, the way they treat customers and if they are a providers that you can trust and really want to work with. Is their […]



An appropriate cabinet not only reduces costs but also increases the performance of dedicated servers Vietnam. Where will server be located? Servers are not always placed in the standardized data center. In some specific fields, servers have to be placed outside. At that time, the cabinets will become the safest barrier that keep servers away […]



In Vietnam dedicated server, Internet Service Provider (ISP) typically describes bandwidth as a data transfer rate. It is the amount of data that network transports from one place to another during a particular timeframe. The time specified is often one second. Now, most ISP refers to the type of bandwidth as Megabits per Seconds / […]



What is better choice, dedicated server or cloud server Vietnam? This article will help you answer this question. Dedicated server Dedicated server allows users can to possess entire server without sharing with anyone. Dedicated servers are usually located in a data center that ensures the safety of the server. Benefits of Dedicated Server Large storage. […]



Many people think that only large enterprises need to secure Server Vietnam, but it is important thing for small and medium enterprises. Security story Currently, online attacks have become more complicated and cause more serious consequences. Previously, corporations and large enterprises are the main target of attacks. But now, there are more and more attacks […]