7 tips to choose vietnam server for small and medium-sized enterprises

August 19, 2016

Your enterprises rapidly growing so you need a server to meet business demands. Here are 7 tips that help you to choose good Vietnam server.

Ensure payment ability

You should consider to the budget for upgrading the server. Host is known as one of the most expensive storage solutions and obviously you do not want to pay for exceed budget. Let conduct a survey to choose the quality server service with the affordable price.

Use a reliable service

There are many choices of Vietnam dedicated server for you to choose. If you do not have too much experience, it’s necessary to use service of famous brands such as Microsoft, Dell or IBM. Currently Dell servers are popular choice because of its good quality and customer services.



Estimate your business development

You currently cannot be able to select the best server and you have to use a sufficient server resource. This does not mean you don’t need to prepare for the development of the business. With higher business demands, it is necessary for you to upgrade your server by adding memory.

Use a server operating system

Installing the operating system is the next step when you have possessed a server already. Server operating systems are generally configured to meet all the demands from different users at the same time. In some cases the operating system will be a costly solution. However, if you want your server to get best performance, the server operating is a mandatory. In addition, you can choose the integrated operating of high quality dedicated server Vietnam to reduce costs.

Consider data center

It is important to know where your server will place in and how it will be connected. It can be located in your company or in dedicated server in Vietnam. In general, a server located in the data center will get maximum performance and increase longevity.


Always set up contingency plans

The concept of “uptime” is obviously extremely important. That means you have to make sure that the server can be accessed at any time. You have to set up contingency plans that use RAID 1 (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) or something like that. RAID 1 will divide your server into two hard drives. If one hard drive suddenly fails, your website will not be downtime. It is the similar solution if you use the server that has two power supplies. Actually RAID 1 is not a good service any more it may make data risk.

Use server administration services

Have you made sure that you can review your server at any time 24/24 and handle all its problems? That’s the reason why you should use serve management services.  Let technical support employee assist you in the operation and maintenance of the server.