80% of bank are using vietnam vps server

October 21, 2016

Currently, more than 80% of the banks in Vietnam are using Vietnam VPS server to save cost of investment.

This information was informed by Mr. Quan Huynh Phuc Yem at Virtualization Technology Workshop in Hanoi. According to Mr. Quan, the banks are considered to be the target audiences that use virtualization technology effective in Vietnam. Internet banking system of these banks is growing with many new applications. This makes the demands in data storage of banks increase rapidly.


In additions, banks are constantly developing new services and expanding business scale so that core banking system needs to be renewed once 5-10 years. With dedicated server solutions, it will take a lot of cost for banks to expand the current physical resources. Vietnam cloud server will be the best way to solve this problem. Virtualization technology allows banks to expand the information technology system easily and quickly. In this case, the software and applications of bank must be created to be capable to upgrade and expand.

Mr. Quan also said that there are the bank has only 12 physical servers, but it has 60 VPS and 60 different operating systems and applications. The bank is going to buy 160 VPS in the future. Unlike traditional storage solution, virtualization technology has helped the bank save a lot of costs.

Virtual servers not only save the cost of investment and operation but also reduce a lot of time to install the information technology systems as banks extended new branches. The average time was reduced one day instead of one week as before.

Besides that, the small and medium enterprises are also potential customers of cloud server Vietnam. The customers are expected to increase rapidly along with trend of mobile and cloud computing.


Resources and budgets for information technology infrastructure of enterprises can be at risk of decrease when the technology tends to shift from the mainframe to model client – server. And today is the mobile cloud era.

The virtualization technology has given businesses significant economic benefits for the last 10 years. However, information technology is facing many opportunities as well as challenges in mobile cloud era when there are billions of mobile and apps are used globally.