Choose the best WordPress hosting server VN for your blog

November 30, 2017

Here we would like to present some points and comparison which most important to consider before choosing your Dedicated server VN companies services.

  1. Share hosting for WordPress

Shared hosting is most popular for hosting blogs and small business because it is cheap and affordable. Shared hosting means that one server is shared for multiple sites. Shared hosting price is very affordable and for the famous and good reputed hosting companies, most of share hosting plans start at $2 – $10 per month. If you want start your first blog, shared hosting is a good option for you.

The key disadvantage of shared hosting service is that security level and server load issue. Therefore, in case you are going to start major sites or concept, this is not for you.

  1. Managed hosting

It is said that there are 17 – 18% sites all over the world built in WordPress. Due to this large user power of WordPress, many hosting vendors provide specially WordPress managed hosting. This is most reliable service for WordPress because it allows only WordPress based site nothing else. This type of Vietnam server vendors provide extra care of WordPress site like optimize site speed, security, backup and so on. They also provide great support if you are non-technical and want WordPress platform to get maximum performance.

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  1. WordPress VPS

VPS stands for Virtual private servers, refers to a virtual machine. VPS is a physical server which partitioning into multiple servers with respects to individual customer’s needs. In VPS, you can share controls or make a new control panel for your clients. VPS has the privacy of an individual physical separate server.

VPS is little bit costly but if your blog have medium traffic, or if you are developer, it is best option for you. The major disadvantage of VPS is that user must have knowledge about sharing, operating system and management requirement. But if you don’t have technical skill, managed VPS service is the most suitable plan for you. Actually, it is easy to manage and understandable.

  1. Dedicated server

Dedicated server refers the type of server in Vietnam where you allocate whole server for your site. The key advantage of dedicated server is you have full controls over the servers includes operating system, hardware parts and other devices. However, it’s not need for small and medium traffic blogger. If you have huge amount of traffic and the security is the important thing you need, dedicated server is best option for you.