Cloud server or dedicated server VN is a good for an ecommerce site?

September 27, 2017

Which is the better fit for my business, the cloud or the dedicated server VN? This is the kind of dilemma every enterprise faces.

In the present digital setting, we’re relying on computing for everything we do. Businesses want their data to be hosted in an environment that’s safe, easily accessible and at an affordable price. With the relentless flood of data, entrepreneurs want a service that can handle it all. Is such a service available? For entrepreneurs wanting to launch an e-commerce website the web hosting market has two popular options – the cloud and the dedicated server. It’s vital to understand the difference, and also to know which one is better from an e-commerce point of view. But first, the following is a short explanation of each service.

  1. Cloud

Cloud server is the methodology of making use of a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, monitor and host data.

Cloud server allows enterprises to consume resources as a utility, rather than having to invest in capital expenditure to build computing infrastructures in-house.

  1. Dedicated server

A dedicated server in Vietnam on the other hand refers to rental and exclusive use of a computer, including web server, related software and connections to the internet. A dedicated server is preferred by enterprises whose websites have to handle huge traffic each day. Typically, the server is configured and operated at a location remote from the business premises.

  1. But what are the underlying pros and cons?

Cloud computing is a relatively new concept for many enterprises, whilst dedicated server is the traditional way of web hosting. Both types of models perform brilliantly for e-commerce websites, yet what set them apart are certain features exclusive to each of them. The cloud presents the following advantages for e-commerce websites

Server Vietnam

Cost effectiveness

Low cost is one of the main reasons for enterprises to migrate to cloud computing. On the operational front, cloud billing is on the pay-as-you use model, which suits most e-commerce enterprises. Whilst the cost of deploying an e-commerce application may be low, entrepreneurs must carefully evaluate the concurrent need for bandwidth and hardware. This may turn out to be pricier than expected.

Fewer risks

Most cloud providers offer backups, so there is hardly any risk of data loss.


Scalability is one of the compelling reasons for businesses to choose cloud. Cloud server enables fast scaling when the demand requires it. Most flourishing online retailers experience huge traffic spikes, especially during festive seasons or product launches. Cloud Vietnam server effectively offers additional resources for such short term demands.

Faster roll out

Businesses can deploy an application on cloud in quick time, and begin transactions on the remote platform as early as possible.

Dedicated server

Many e-commerce enterprises continue to support dedicated server. They feel it’s important to have a server all on their own. With a top class web hosting provider by their side, enterprises are very satisfied with the level of customer support they get.

Both the dedicated and cloud server can serve e-commerce websites commendably. It is for the business to decide the option, based on its unique demands including budgetary constraints.