Daily maintenance for your dedicated mail server in Vietnam

November 3, 2017

Daily maintenance is important for any server in Vietnam, included the dedicated mail server.

These daily maintenance can prevent dedicated mail server from any problems like a server failure and also the server crash. That is why; having maintenance, especially the daily maintenance is necessary. The followings are some important daily maintenance for your dedicated mail server that is essential to do. It will make your dedicated server run well.

  1. Check the app updates

It is better to make sure that you update the web apps at any time they are needed to be updated, especially for the popular programs like WordPress.

  1. Checking the remote management tools

If you used the dedicated server, it’s necessary to check that the remote management tools are really worked. There’re 3 important tools for the management of remote server VN. These important tools are the remote console, rescue mode and remote reboot. Ensure that it’ll be worked at any time you need it.

  1. Check the hardware errors

Try to review the logs in any signs of the hardware problems. Some potential hardware failures that you have to notice are such as the disk read errors, overheating notices and many more. These things are rare, especially if the systems were not working in a normal range.

  1. Review the users accounts

The next thing to do is reviewing the user’s accounts. There’re some reasons in which you need to remove the users from the system like the staff changes, the client cancellations and some other user changes. Keeping the old users and websites will give more security risks as well as legal risks.

Server vn

  1. Check the disk space

It’s better for keeping your system free from some old software limits the problem of securities. If the usages are reaching 90% of disk capacity, it can reduce usage or will add more storage. Meanwhile, the server can stop responding if the partition was reaching 100%.

  1. Check the utilization of the server

It’s necessary to review the resources of Vietnam server like disk, RAM, CPU and network utilization. If they are limited, adding resources to your dedicated server is a good idea to do. Moreover, you can also migrate that to a new one.

  1. Check the system security

Checking the system security periodically is really necessary. The regular security audits have some features such as an updates the OS check for system configuration and the other security risks that potentially happened.

  1. Verify the backups

Sometimes we need to make any change to the production system. For this case, please ensure that the backups are working. In addition, if you need to delete any critical data, ensure that you choose the right location of backup.