Do not make mistake between cloud server VN and VPS

November 3, 2017

Maybe, most people still confuse in understanding about the differences between cloud server VN and VPS.

It can be seen on some forums in which many people use the terms as the same meaning especially on a VPS. Actually, cloud server and VPS are 2 different things. What are the differences between these two? Below is the further explanation about that.

  1. Understand about VPS

VPS is sometime called node. VPS got its name from a dedicated server or node that is divided into some smaller VPS by virtual technology. Each of these slices will be sold to the different users and then it will be used by users. A traditional VPS can only run an operation server in every dedicated server. All VPS users on the same dedicated server will use the same operation system as well. Generally, VPS vendor uses a technology that is called container for isolating some users in a single server. VPS can be used by users for making an e-commerce website, web database driven or the social media. VPS is maybe the best choice in certain case, especially when users aren’t ready to use exclusive server in Vietnam because it’s is not cheap. However, VPS also has some disadvantages such as the crash program system which sometimes happened.

Server in vietnam

  1. New hosting technology – Cloud computing

It’s said that cloud server is a brand new technology today. Unfortunately, many hosting vendors seemed still make it as a difficult thing. Some bad vendors are even said that VPS and cloud server are 2 identical things in VPS and the only thing that differ them is only price. Usually, it happened because of some reasons and one of those reasons is that those vendors do not have a good cloud computing infrastructure. What is exact cloud server? This is an instance of VPS that provides the users with a dedicated set and it is protected by energy resource of the machine. With the cloud, it’s really isolated from the other; it provides the users with on demand scale ability. In the other hand, we can say that cloud Vietnam server will let users to have more control on their environment. It has some positive impacts for users like:

  • Users will have deeper configuration
  • More guarantee for security system.
  • Users will have a higher work result
  • Stronger isolation

The above things are some differences found on cloud server and VPS. From the explanation above it is clear VPS and cloud server are 2 different things and you can choose one that suitable with your demand. However, if you asked that one is the best. Practically, many people may say that cloud server is better.