server features

Vinahost is always proud of our customer service.

Our technical employees with many years of experience will support the customer 24/7. We can deal with all of the problem from Cloud infrastructure to the network layer connection. The errors will be resolve timely so time of interruption will be decrease minimum. The customer will be sastisfied when choosing our VPS service.


VinaHost VPS service provides unlimited bandwidth to meet high requirements of customers.

It can be the best feature when using VPS instead of other server service. We all know that bandwidth is the maximum data that transfers between the VPS and users each month. You should choose VPS with unlimited service or large bandwidth package (over 100GB/month) to protect your website from blocking because of using exceeded bandwidth.


Cloud VPS meets high requiremens of the storage.

VPS not only offers all of the same function of a physical server but aslo gets higher stability and reliable. The system Cloud VPS will automatically convert between the physical servers in the case of hardware failure. I can redirect traffics when there is a problem with connection network. Distributed storage infrastructure is created to meet the highest stability of connections.


Virtualization technology allows the customer to install computing infrastructure that scales from a single virtual server system to hundreds of server.

The customer will get a lot of benefits from virtualization technology such as: high stability, easy management, distributed storage and good security. Besides that, VPS service will activate within 10 minutes after registration.


Every customer have diffenrent requirement at each period.

VPS can meet the demand of customer because it allows customers to upgrade the system automatically, quickly, flexibly that meet the resource requirements at different times. The customers can change resource of each cloud server as vCPU, RAM, Storage or the number of servers in a cluster of cloud resources.


Higher security is the difference between Cloud VPS and other server service like shared hosting or dedicated server.

Cloud VPS uses the multi-layer security model that allows service providers and customers to customize the security measures at the network layer and the virtual server. Multi-layer security will keep your system more safer and protect it from DDOS attack.