Free cnd resources for Dedicated servers in Vietnam

August 22, 2016

This article offers you some free CND resources for Dedicated Servers in Vietnam. Let take a look to these bellows.

When you are going to choose a CDN services for long periods, let notice to their PoPs system. Make a choice depends on your traffic origin. That mean you should choose country where most of your users come from. For example, if you choose CDN network for Vietnam web hosting, you should prioritize services that can offer CDN PoP in Vietnam as CDNSun, CDN.Net. Each vendor usually publics their PoP system so let check carefully before using.

In addition, the second important thing is the price and payment methods. CDN services currently support two types of payment: pay for what you use (Pay-as-You-Go) or pay for a fixed fee per month. If your website does not consume a large number of bandwidth, it is good for you to choose pay-as-you-go methods. It will save you more than buying a service package.

Final note is the speed. You can verify this by register trial service and ping to CND by CA App Synthetic Monitor. This way is to see if CND network optimizes speed or not. Read the CDN review is also a good idea. This article offers you some free CND resources for dedicated server Vietnam. Let take a look to these bellows.



This is a special service for users that use Jetpack plugin WordPress. It will automatically take the picture files on website back to the Photon CDN server and distributed to users. It saves significantly bandwidth and loading time.


This is the CDN services for Javascript libraries. For example, instead of self-hosting your jquery.js files from jQuery library, you can use the CDN jsDelivr. Currently it supports more than 1650 different libraries. Most of the popular JavaScript libraries are available there. If you are a WordPress user, you can install this plugin to automatically change the JavaScript libraries into CDN.


This is a common proxy service that supports free CDN. If your Vietnam server hosting is located in the United States or the Europe, the services will help you optimize the Vietnam access speed.

Unlike other CDN services, you cannot use your own domain for CDN network and cannot upload data to their CDN servers. However it will operate by using a mediate proxy instead of domain name. When users visit to your website, they will pass through a proxy layer that delivers content without changing your URL.


Google Hosted Library

Like jsDelivr, you can use the links of Javascript library on Google’s CDN server to save bandwidth.

Some popular CDN service provider:

Amazon CloudFront



Akamai CDN



CDNSun (with PoP in Vietnam)


CDN.Com.Vn (PoP support in Vietnam only)