How a dedicated Vietnam server can help grow your retail business

September 20, 2017

Since the Vietnam server industry has grown big over the years, web hosting platforms have classified into a couple of distinct types.

Each of them having its own advantages and disadvantages that creates big confusion to Website owners. Being a business owner it becomes inevitable for you to understand them all in details, prior to entering into a web hosting contract. Though it seems to be a duck soup, but in reality it’s not so simple, there’re various intricacies attached to the web hosting. Picking the most suited web hosting platform is one of the most critical decision for your online business as it plays an important role in keeping your business up. Here, we VinaHost will illustrate some of the salient benefits of dedicated server that can help grow your retail business.

Nowadays, there’s cut-throat competition in business with the ever growing reach of the Internet. Thousands of businesses have come online to sell their varied products and services, each trying to surpass its competitors through alluring offers and services. In such an environment, you will not afford a downtime which may lead to an annoying customer experience. For brand reputation, you should always look for ways which can make your site highly available for those who completely rely on the utilization of the Internet and want their information quick and effortless.

Server Vietnam

Shared Vietnam server hosting is unquestionably the most popular web hosting framework, but there’s some limitations attached to it which do not suit an e-commerce Website. Though, shared hosting is the most cost-efficient of all platforms, but is capable of handling sites with meagre traffic only and not for high traffic or retail businesses that need enhanced security, along with blazing fast speed. If you’re running an online retail business, a dedicated server is the best choice to host your site with, in spite of the fact that it is considerably expensive. It should be taken as a business investment, which will pay back after a certain period. As with a dedicated server, you will not be sharing resources with any other user, your site would be more safe and stable. A dedicated server assures you that your business will never face an unwanted situation, such as server crash or slowed down with surge in traffic of another website as happens in a shared environment. Dedicated server also gives your retail business an enhanced security as you’ll be allowed to run your own custom firewall in order to enforce your own access control policy. Moreover, your Website will also be less prone to online security threat.

Some hosting services, in their extended services, offer maintenance and support on the servers. A managed dedicated server in Vietnam gives you a complete peace-of-mind since your server uptime monitoring, security patch updated, hardware warranty and such other jobs are handled quite efficiently by a team of experts at the web hosting vendor. If any problem arises, it is detected and handled easily by the technical support staffs.

The bottom line is that a dedicated server is a have to pick when you are running an online retail or e-commerce business. This would immensely boost up your business by encouraging your clients, giving a good reputation and branding your business which in return refer your site to their colleagues, neighbors and family members, eventually resulting into surge in revenue with meagre promotion.