How much bandwidth does your dedicated server Vietnam really need?

December 5, 2016

One of the stickier challenges in finding dedicated servers Vietnam plan is determining just how much server bandwidth your website needs.

When you compare the hosting plans, bandwidth (or storage) becomes more important. Unlike storage, which can be controlled by offloading or deleting content as demand, bandwidth needs flexibility and subtle calculation. You do not want to pay for more than your requirement, but you also do not want to turn clients away or deal with the significant penalties for going over your allotted amount.


So the question is ‘how much bandwidth do you need?’. If you are willing to invest in a little time and calculation to figure that out, then you can balance both budget and bandwidth.

Bandwidth by the numbers

If you are launching a new website, estimate your bandwidth is something of a shot in the dark. So you have to keep careful track of your website’s activity for the early few months after it run sustainably so that you can determine your actual monthly bandwidth and adjust your account. For more established websites, calculating your estimated bandwidth is easy:

  • Estimate the average page size of your website, in kilobytes. If you do not know, use the tool Pingdom’s Load Time to test on a few pages and take the average bandwidth.
  • Depend on the monthly average total number of visitors.
  • Multiply the result from the second above by the average total number of page views / visitor.


These simple calculations can give you an idea of how much bandwidth you expect to consume, but a little more math is required.

Several factors can influence in the bandwidth that your website consumes.

  • Traffic Growth: The traffic to your website will grow in future.
  • Traffic Spikes: Unexpected traffic spikes, like those caused by social news websites, can cause bandwidth consume to double or more in a single month.
  • Room to Grow: When you add more pages, the number of page views can increase, especially those from search engine spiders.
  • Layout Changes: And if you change your website’s layout, you can increase the size of your webpage and consume more bandwidth.

Although you may never use more than a fraction of your allotment, you will be spared overage bills from the heaviest traffic. Since extra bandwidth is affordable when built into a service plan, it is well worth the price. By buying extra bandwidth, you are not just future – proofing your hosting plan, but also buying the peace of mind which comes from knowing you will be prepared for whatever comes to your way.