How to choose appropriate cabinet for dedicated server vietnam?

December 12, 2016

An appropriate cabinet not only reduces costs but also increases the performance of dedicated servers Vietnam.

Where will server be located?

Servers are not always placed in the standardized data center. In some specific fields, servers have to be placed outside. At that time, the cabinets will become the safest barrier that keep servers away from physical affects.

If placed inside with the good conditions about security and environment, you can choose the cabinet that has the grille door. If the server is placed outside, the cabinet with mica door will be best selection.

How to manage cooling system?

The operation of Vietnam server hosting usually make lots of heat. Therefore, you need to use cooling devices such as radiator fan, air conditioner, ventilation grid and the heat exchanger to maintain the efficient operation of the equipment.


How to manage wiring cap?

In additions, the rack should also install cable ladder, cable tray, cable management bar and fastener to arrange cable in a system.

Which devices will be set up in the cabinet?

Most of the equipment installed in cabinet has a depth of about 11 inches. However, others have twice as much depth. Currently, most of the cabinet will allow you to adjust the depth of the mounting bar. But knowing the exact depth of the device will help you make the right choose of cabinet.

 How many U of the cabinet are there?

U (1U = 1.75 inches equivalent of 44.45 mm) is the unit of measurement of EIA that measures the space of cabinet. Estimating the exact number of devices as well as the scalability of the system in the future will help you choose the rack with the appropriate U. The devices installed in the cabinet are usually designed based on this U.

For example, 2U server, server 6U, router 1U, router 2U…


What are special accessories of cabinet?

You can buy additional accessories for network cabinets such as: rail kit (support bar of mounted device), sliding tray, cable management bar, fixed tray … In additions, the removable tools will help you save a lot of time installing Vietnam dedicated server.

How is electric power supplied?

Electric power is a very important factor of the server system. The cabinet should be connected to a power source to make the server operate. In necessary cases, the cabinets need to be protected when electrical problems occur.

The quality cabinets must have the space for installing UPS, the source bar and the grounding wires to help the devices operate safely and use energy efficiently.

What is the color of the cabinet?

Typically, the cabinet is painted with gray, black and silver. However, this is not mandatory. Some providers can adjust color of cabinet according to customer requirements.