How to identify bad vietnam server hosting

November 7, 2016

Identifying bad Vietnam hosting server will keep your hosting away from DDOS attack. Let’s note the followings.

  1. Process speed

The hosting providers will use the dedicated server with different configurations to distribute shared hosting for users. Depending on the budget, each company will create shared hosting with different configuration. Actually, the cheap hosting providers offer hosting services with limited resources (storage, CPU) so that processing speed of each provider will be also different.

To get the best performance, servers have to be placed in the high quality data center. The data center plays an important role in transferring of data from the Vietnam dedicated server to the users. The reliable hosting providers often build their own data center. If not, they can hire colocation from other providers.


  1. Compatibility

Compatibility between the website and hosting and is extremely important. For webmasters, changing hosting providers will be considered carefully because this may affect the operation of the website. The incompatibility can cause a lot of errors that take much time to fix. For those who use WordPress, 404 is the most popular error. This error can occur even when you have installed the .htaccess and updated URL…

Therefore, if you intend to transfer from the old to the new hosting, you have to make sure that the new hosting cab be cable to support you existing web source code. If not, it must also use the same software version with yours to avoid unexpected errors. You should choose reputable providers because they often update the newest and the most stable version that are appropriate with most of the source code.


  1. Customer service

Customer service is one of the most important factors to assess the quality of a hosting provider. You can become a loyal customer if the hosting provider has the professional customer service. For technology products/ services, nothing is guaranteed to avoid being attacked 100%. When your hosting get errors, if you have to wait too long for assistance, let reconsider choosing another provider.


The majority of reputable international hosting providers have the professional customer service including sale and technical department. The important thing is choosing dedicated server in Vietnam providers that have the refund policy after 30 days if customers are not satisfied with their service under any circumstance.

  1. Security

Your website can get downtime if it has bad security. This usually happens if you use shared hosting services. Just a few hosting on the same server gets DDOS attack or infects malicious, you hosting was likely to be affected. Quality hosting providers have high security because they have strict rules of using source code that prevent hosting from malicious attack.