How to maintain any type of servers Vietnam (part 2)

August 2, 2017

Over time, servers Vietnam get crowded. This can slow down its performance and prevent new data from being written.

Remove old files and unused services

So, it’s best to regularly scan the server and remove old files. For media servers, for example, the owner should delete old movies that have been watched, or for mail servers, the administrator should delete mailboxes that are not being used. Many servers also come with different services that the owner may or may not use. It’s best to turn off these services if not being utilized, as these can eat up resources be exploited by hackers or viruses to invade the server.

Update server OS

Most manufacturers and OS makers do regular updates to their software. This ensures that the private server Vietnam runs efficiently, and patches any security holes that hackers or viruses may use to invade the server. Updates can usually be done over the Internet. If the OS running on the server is too old, on the other hand, it may prevent the server from running at peak efficiency. Server owners should try to upgrade the OS whenever possible.

Servers Vietnam

Back-up regularly

Much like anything in life, nothing is certain, so disasters and other mishaps can befall a server. In such cases, having a backup for data and network services would be helpful. Depending on the type, there are different ways to back up a server. For example, those running file servers may want to look for a dedicated backup drive or look at cloud computing services that can back up files to another location.

Scan for viruses

Servers can be infected with viruses, which can then be spread to other client computers. Anti-virus software for server private Vietnam can do a variety of tasks, not just scanning and removing viruses. Some of the best types of antivirus software can perform proactive monitoring for viruses, scan the important areas for infections, isolate the client computers that have been infected, and even restore the system and destroy any trace of the virus.

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