How to opt for Vietnam server frame (part 2)

October 16, 2017

Selecting a Vietnam server frame could be the most important part of the designing phase. So these tips are necessary for you.

  1. What is a rack?

A rack unit is an EIA standard allowance unit that is used for measuring rack mount equipment. One rack unit is equal to 1.75″ in height. You simply multiply the total amount of Rack Units by 1.75″ to calculate internal useable space of a rack enclosure. For instance, a44U rack enclosure would have 77″ of internal usable space.

  1. Does cabinet enclosure fit all doors on the way to destination room?

You have to know that all of server rack enclosures ship fully assembled. There can be some removable components, like door as side panels, but that won’t change external dimensions of the rack frame that can’t be taken apart. You should carefully consider all product dimensions to ensure server VN racks meet all clearance regulations.

Server vn

  1. Will your cabinet enclosure fit in the room it is intended for?

Considerations like server rack weight and height are so necessary factors to take into account when moving server racks from place to place. Particular server racks can weigh in at over 300 lbs. and can stand so tall at over 7 feet. Server racks are large items that need considerable effort when rounding corners, lifting up stair, moving, and fitting in any spaces. So you have to ensure that enough room has been made for before rack enclosures are finalized and purchases.

  1. How do you calculate how many rack you need?

Many DC managers calculate rack enclosure height demanded by determining the optimal rack unit usage. For instance, if the users are aware that future plans call for the addition of 20 2U sized servers, then they can count on needing a 44U rack enclosure. This will allow enough internal height for approximately 20 racks of vn server, room for a 1U patch panel and a 2U UPS back-up battery. Side and rear or vertically mounted power management devices will have sufficient room to perform their functions.

  1. What is the goal of a 2-post relay rack?

A relay rack is a 2-post steel or aluminum structure with either universal mounting holes or EIA standard mounting holes. Relay racks are known as open bay racks or 2-rost racks. Standardizing vertical holes spacing on relay racks is to mount network device. Besides, relay racks can also mount cantilever shelving for other non-rack mountable device.