How to opt for VN server frame (part 1)

October 16, 2017

In order to assist with choosing a proper fit for your environment, here are VN server frame considerations to keep in mind.

  1. What is the suitable size rack cabinet?

Choosing the right server cabinet size depends on 2 main factors: the amount of equipment requiring server rack enclosure space and the type of equipment needed for rack mount capabilities. The tips to having a good buying experience are planning carefully. Since rack units cannot be added on once a server rack is fabricated, the users should tally the total amount of rack units currently needed as well as remember future expansion. You may need extra front and rear cabinet space in order to sufficiently mount rack accessories horizontally and vertically if additional rack mount accessories like battery back-up, environmental monitoring or remote power management are demanded…

Server vietnam

  1. What is the significance of internal rack enclosure dimensions?

Internal dimensions should be used as a guide to gauge the size and amount of equipment one can install in rack of server in Vietnam enclosures. Firstly, the internal depth will be figured by measuring from the insides of both rear and front doors. Secondly, the internal width measurements will extend from one side panel to the other. Finally, the internal vertical measurements from the tallest point of any side rail to the bottom chassis will be regarded as total internal height.

Besides, the internal dimension should also take into consideration rack equipment which mounts internally to the side or rear of cabinets when you access rack mount needs. Additional space can be modified during rack manufacturing to allow for rear, side and front mounted rack equipment. In additions, the auxiliary compartment space will offer room for ventilation systems, bulky power cords and cabling management requirements.

  1. What is the significance of external rack enclosure dimensions?

Determining server rack location within a DC or co-location facility is usually overlooked until the rack enclosure arrives at the dock for delivery. It is so crucial for the users to determine if the finalized exact external dimensions of the server VN rack will fit through doorways and other obstructions of the intended target location. Consider carefully environmental factors like ceiling height and clearance regulations in your DC or server farm. Beside, you have to ensure to respect dimensions of stairways and freight elevators if server racks need to be transported through them for final placement.