How to start a small business with Vietnam server hosting (part 1)

February 16, 2017

This article will teach you about the primary concepts and knowledge for ways to start a Small Business with Vietnam server hosting.

We will go through step by step and it will be fun learning. So get ready for the tour. And your customers will love seeing your new business online. So never take any chances and Start a Small Business Website with fat cow hosting today.


For this purpose first of all you will have to find out an excellent and descriptive domain name and hosting service on which you can rely for the quality and standard. The future of your site depends to some extent on these issues how your hosting service and domain name are. Appropriate domain and hosting can reach your site to an even higher position.

To be effective and also efficient you must consider these issues. Now if you even don’t know about what I was talking about then look forward for primary knowledge on these. The address which we enter into the address bar to enter into a site is the domain name of that site which is also called URL. An example is ‘www. Start a Small Business Website .com’.

Though it is thought but the domain name not actually indicates the main site rather it indicates the location where the site is situated. Here comes the factor of hosting service. Hosting service provides the site web-space for locating its contents.

It will take a short time to set up the domain and hosting server Vietnam. You can go for the WordPress CMS which is free and easy to control and customize. This is a pre designed theme for the non-professional site builders.

I think this was not so bad, if it is then go for the next step-


Step: 1 (Register a domain name)

Selecting a domain name is very important as success of the site more or less depends on this criterion. An exciting and relevant domain name can build a good first impression on the visitors who visit first time and turn them into regular visitor. Here are some requirements for the domain name to be appropriate.

  • It should be directly relevant to the site’s content.
  • It should be easy so that can be remembered quickly.
  • Should be descriptive and informative but short in size.
  • Correct extension should be met (.com, .net, .org).

Domain name plays a critical role in the search engine. As for example if anyone writes the key word ‘how to start a website’ in Google or yahoo search engine the sites whose domain names contain the same or relevant keyword will appear in the ranking earlier.

The visitors usually click on a link whose domain name contains the most similar keywords which they are searching for.

For domain registration you will find numbers of registrar over the internet. is a famous domain registrar.

On the home page there is a search box in which you will have to write your desired domain name. Then click on go and it will show you whether your desired domain is still available or not. Underneath that you will also be provided a short list of suggestion domain name.


If you found your domain available then you can continue for further action. By this time they will offer you to register another domain and if you are not interested then click on no. In the next you will have to fill up the registration form indicating the payment method and subscription period.

You not need to worry about the subscription as it can easily be renewed later. You may also be offered Vietnam servers hosting but it will be better for you to choose it from another source. Once it is done you will be provided a receipt with all necessary details. After that it will take about 24 hours to activate your desired domain.