Key factors for optimized e-commerce hosting Vietnam server

November 30, 2017

Finding a hosting Vietnam server vendor that specializes in ecommerce software, support and systems is a big task.

When looking for the right vendor, you need to start with a good idea of types of services you will need for your own web. After that, you can work on finding the right hosting vendor — one that can meet your needs at a price you can afford.

  1. Automatic backups

What are the vendor’s back-up procedures? How often is data backed up and what is the retention policy? What is the ability to support resilient systems and provide disaster recovery capabilities by distributing the system across different data centers with redundant or highly available databases? What type of recovery response time should the retailer expect for data recovery, how often is data replicated, how is system resilience ensured? How often are the recovery processes tested?

  1. Performance

Clients expect a fast and smooth shopping experience. Therefore stability, reliability and speed are critical factors of e-commerce hosting server VN performance. If a site does not live up to client expectations as to speed and smoothness, the client is likely to abandon the site and continue her shopping with a competing online retailer.

  1. Maximum uptime

In business, we all know that when your web goes down, so does your revenue. Nearly 99,999% uptime guarantee keeps you online all the time and ready to sell.

Server in Vietnam

  1. Availability

A main motivator for shopping online is convenience; 24/7 availability is a must. Site outages can have detrimental impact on not only immediate sales but also long term client loyalty. Availability must be consistent throughout traffic peaks and if faults occur there should be a system in place that enables continued operations without sacrificing availability.

  1. Fast page loads

A slow web equals lost sales. Our specialists are relentless about fine tuning your platform to ensure your web loads quickly.

  1. Security

First comes trust and then comes sales. While optimal hosting performance offers a sense of confidence in the shopping experience, security is necessary to earning client trust. Security breaches could have serious consequences for the online retail business. Since online retail involves payment transactions and storage of sensitive client data, it is critical for the e-commerce hosting server in Vietnam environment to be compliant with industry security standards. A single incident can have devastating impacts and result in large fines, loss of credibility, legal issues, brand damage and severely hinder sales.


An optimized e-commerce hosting solution offers customization designed to guarantee high availability, capabilities to easily scale for planned as well as unexpected traffic spikes, fast page loads that ensure a smooth client experience, optimized search rankings, and security precautions that result in client trust. Failure to plan for hosting appropriately and put processes in place for ongoing capacity-testing can have a detrimental impact and result in an operational nightmare.


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