Necessary questions to ask your vietnam server hosting provider

December 19, 2016

There are a lot of questions that you need to ask your potential Vietnam server hosting before making decision.

These asked questions will indicate what the provider offers you in long term, the way they treat customers and if they are a providers that you can trust and really want to work with.


  • Is their technical support or customer service good? If their online chat is always available and how about their phone support services?
  • If they have outsourced support center? If yes, where is it located?
  • What is their refund policy in the trial time? Most providers’ trial policies are not completely free and you will end up paying for their service but you can get money back if you do not feel satisfied.
  • If there are somebody intends to attack their network and Vietnam dedicated server, what is their guarantee of restoring and making backup your data? What plans do they have in place in the cases?
  • How is their installation process? What is your exact responsibility and how much support do they offer during this installing process?
  • Are there installation fees? If yes, what are they free for first subscribers?
  • What types of installation supports are included at no additional fees?
  • What types of e-commerce functions are included with the services that you consider?
  • What payment methods are available? For example, if you make for a two-year subscription periods, do you have to pay that full fee or is it divided into many parts?


  • What is their uptime guarantee and what is average monthly uptime? For any hosting, uptime less than 99.9% is unacceptable.
  • If you are looking for a quality data center, where will your servers be located? Are you allowed to choose the location?
  • If you want to change your hosting configuration in the mid – contract, what is their policy? For example, if you start with a shared hosting configuration and now you need to change to a dedicated server or Vietnam VPS server in your contract terms, is it allowed? Are there any punishments?
  • What levels of client/ technical support service do the providers offer? Online chat/ Phone call/ Email or so on?
  • If you are finding an unlimited hosting service, what does it exactly mean? All unlimited services have restrictions – it is a matter of what restrictions are.
  • Are there restrictions to the types of software/ application that you can operate or set up?
  • What are the fees and renewal policy? Know that whether you are the first-time subscribe to get a discounted rate that the make a change when you renew your services – ensure that you know the entire ramifications.