Points to consider after purchasing a VPS or dedicated server VN

December 20, 2017

A dedicated server is when a client rents a complete physical machine from a hosting vendor such as VinaHost server VN.

The customers have complete freedom to make any changes in server configuration according to their sites growth at any point of time. The complete server is in control of the client where they can measure server performance easily with a hosting add-on server monitoring. At our company, we prefer branded hardware from Dell and Supermicro and what server brand you need. Therefore, you receive the fastest dedicated servers with genuine hardware. We would like to offer reasonable and reliable dedicated server and exceptional quality that does not cost the earth.

Usually getting a server installation is not a big problem and the hosting vendor always does this for you and it comes with all the necessary software and services Pre-installed with the default configuration.

However, to be able to get the maximum out of these applications and make your server in Vietnam more optimized you need to make some changes to the default settings.

By the tips below, you can to achieve best performance, avoid common security attacks and get maximum uptime by avoiding possible service interruption.

Hostname and name servers

  • Correct hostname helps maintain positive IP address reputation
  • Server should have valid FQDN hostname with appropriate RDNS [PTR] record

Backup and Recovery

  • Retain Daily, Weekly and Monthly replications with full system image
  • Backup data and system config files both
  • Schedule backups timely

Security Policies

  • Configure Password strength and expiration policy
  • Prevent users from overriding PHP config values in the .htaccess and php.ini files
  • Set host and IP based restriction for the WHM, SSH and Plesk panel logins
  • Disable unused services and ports
  • Malware, Firewall and Antivirus tweaking as your app need
  • Disable vulnerable PHP and System functions

server vietnam

Email server and IP address reputation

  • Have a Reverse DNS entry
  • Allow users to Opt-out and Unsubscribe
  • Configure the mail server as your requirements
  • Enable SMTP authentication
  • Make sure that your server is not on any of RBL listing
  • Publish an SPF record, sign with Domain Keys or DKIM

CPU and memory resources management and optimization

  • Use the manual page of application for best configuration
  • Adjust the LAMP according to your need
  • Make sure the Vietnam server environment is compatible for the application or CMS you run

Maintenance and service status updates to client

  • Host a service update portal remotely
  • Schedule such events to weekend or midnight
  • Notify clients in advance about the maintenance schedule

Periodic software updates

  • Patch critical updates on time
  • Turn ON the automatic updates/upgrades wherever possible
  • Always have latest versions of MySQL, PHP and Apache