Reasons to choose cloud server instead of Vietnam VPS Server

August 30, 2016

Vietnam VPS server and cloud server have many advantages. But there are some reasons to choose cloud server instead of VPS.

Automatic back-up

Operating 24/7/365 is the important thing that all of us are keen on a server. This is difficult if you use the VPS because VPS depends entirely on the physical server. So when the physical server gets errors, your VPS will stop working. As we know there are many reasons stopping a physical server working such as power outages, hardware failures, natural disasters and virus.

You do not worry about this if you use the cloud server because it does not depend on a separate physical server at all. When a cloud server fails, there will be an automatic switching that allows the other servers continue working.



That is the fact that you cannot know how your business will be in the future. That is the similar to the server. The resources of the VPS servers are limited and must be shared for many different customers. If you want more you have to change to a different physical server. This will take much time and your operation will be interrupted. However for Vietnam cloud servers, expand of resources seem to be unlimited and immediately. Therefore the Cloud Server will be the best solution for your business.


Did you know that when using VPS, the amount of resources you have to pay cannot be worth it? When many VPS are located on the same physical server, if the other user needs more resources, they will use resource of your VPS. This happens popularly during peak hours.

With Cloud Server, you do not need to worry about that because your resources are not shared with anyone and operation of other servers can affect to your Cloud Server.


There are many reasons that make cloud server become the trend today. Its performance based on distributed architecture of cloud computing to deal the problem of server.  Great computing speed is what you cannot find at a VPS service.

Safety Security

No matter how well a physical server can be protected, it cannot avoid the risk of physical damage and you will face to the problem of losing all your data. On the other hand, if the virus attacks to other VPS, yours will also be affected.

Once using the service of reputable provider, you can feel safe because your data is backed up both online and offline. So any hard drive failure such as natural disasters will not do harm to your data.

Absolute Privacy

Of cause a security system of infrastructure virtualization technology is better, right?


Easy Management

The advantage of cloud server is to allow you to access from anywhere. Cloud Server Vietnam vendors will provide various management methods to you, from the port of website to the protocol API such as Remote Desktop, SSH or mobile. That’s what the VPS providers cannot dot.

Operating system

You have to share the same operating system to many VPS on the same physical server. When you want to change to other operating systems, your VPS operations will be interrupted.

Cloud Server allows you choose the operating systems without sharing to others. The changing from Windows to Linux or any other operating system will be done very easily and quickly.

Save money

Flexibility in extending and shrinking resources of Cloud Server will give you more economic benefits because you only pay for what you use.