Reseller hosting Vietnam server – guide to success

November 29, 2017

Have you ever offer Vietnam server services to help people with their websites? If yes, why not become a reseller hosting Vietnam server?

As a hosting reseller, you can provider your clients with hosting services they need and in return, benefit from regular monthly income from them. This field does not require you the technical skill, so do not be worry if you are not expert in hosting technology.

Actually, reseller hosting is where you buy hosting resources from a hosting vendor and then resell them to your own customers. This seems like renting an apartment block and then letting the apartments to individual clients. Most of the hosting providers have reseller hosting plans available for their customers.

There are quite a few benefits of reseller hosting. For a start, it enables you to offer a wider range of services to your customers. If you are working as a web developer, then you can become a one-stop shop: there is no need for your customers to go elsewhere, they can get everything they need directly from you including server VN.

server in vietnam

Reselling enables you to create your own hosting brand. Good reseller plans are white labelled, so your customers never know who you buy their hosting from. This enables you to create your own, unique hosting plans which can be customized to meet your customer’s demands. You can install, manage and run the back-end of your customer’s sites and manage domains and email. Besides, you can charge for providing this service.

You can rent more resources when your reselling service develops, it means you can start off small plan and upgrade it as customer’s demand. Moreover, when you are using the services of your own hosting, all server management is done for you. There is no need for any expertise in that field as we have referred above.

The biggest benefit is a financial one. By selling hosting, short-term customers become long-term customers. As a result, the lifetime value of your customers increase and you get steady income over the long term, helping with cash flow and profits.

You should know that a frequent concern of those considering installing a reseller hosting business is that they lack the technical expertise. However, this is not a big problem. Services of server in Vietnam are keen to sell reselling plans and understand that most resellers do not have these skills.

For this reason, a good vendor will take care of all the backend management for you. This includes installing and maintaining the physical hardware and network infrastructure as well as undertaking security monitoring, patching and software updates on your behalf.

You should also get 24/7/365 tech support if there are any problems, together with guaranteed uptime levels of 99.999% backed by service level agreement.