Role of a dedicated IP address for SEO in server VN (part 1)

September 29, 2017

In terms of popularity and number of users shared web hosting stands out from all other types of server VN.

It is also the most economical way of web hosting your web. This could be one of the most important reasons for its overwhelming popularity.

  1. Shared web hosting and SEO

Shared web hosting is a multi-tenant arrangement which allows large number of sites to operate from a single physical server. Every site is able to use resources of the web server along with other neighboring sites. All sites on a single server use the same IP address due to the fact that they belong to the same web server.

One of the most commonly asked question by people who are existing or potential users of shared web hosting is regarding impact of shared web hosting on overall SEO of the blog posted on a site that is using shared web hosting. As every site is using a common IP, there’s a bit of skepticism about its negative impact on SEO.

  1. Dedicated and shared IP addresses

A dedicated IP address is a unique address that’s being assigned to every computer or device that is being connected to a specific network. Besides, it also facilitates identification in terms of legitimate location of the device in relation with the network.

If a single IP address is used by number of sites that are hosted on the same server in Vietnam. Web server has to parse the request to relevant site.

Server Vietnam

  1. Need for a private IP address

In terms of prices, a unique IP is a highly affordable proposition for sites that’re engaged in managing the business of a company. Is it advisable to continue with common IP address or should the user choose a private IP that would not cost more than $5 a month?

According to search engine stalwarts the type of web hosting including shared web hosting hardly has any influence on SERPs. However, you need to consider using a private IP because Google fixes a specific limit as far as indexing is concerned.

This limit is based on the IP of server. In a shared web hosting scenario, if one of the sites as consuming large volumes of bot crawling, then your site will experience slow indexing with no bots crawling your blogs anymore.

This is exactly the reason why there’re special SEO hosting Vietnam server plans offered by many service providers. These web hosting packages have slightly higher price tags and are designed to allow private IPs to sites even in a shared web hosting environment. Is such an arrangement of SEO hosting really necessary for improving rankings?

This can be the most controversial issue with shared web hosting. Why would you need a dedicated IP in a shared web hosting environment?

(be continued…)