Role of managed dedicated server VN for running your business

September 22, 2017

Managed dedicated server VN is an ideal way to exercise unlimited control over entire resources and functionalities of servers.

  1. Private and secured environment

If your organization/enterprise is managing sensitive information such as health records, personal identification data, or user credentials including usernames or passwords, you are also responsible for the secure handling of this information. The dedicated server offers the enhanced level of security by keeping spamming webs at bay. The dedicated server is assigned to a single user and is compatible with PCI DSS standards that’re mandatory for e-commerce webs which are accepting payments via online methods. In a managed dedicated server users need not bother about security needs since your hosting provider undertakes to arrange all types of security measures.

The professional and devoted team of technical experts is always available to identify problem with the dedicated server for uninterrupted performance of your business web. There have been instances of data getting compromised due to security flaws in other websites in a shared hosting. However, in a managed dedicated server scenario, there’s a physical separation of resources and software apps for an assured protection against such problems.

DDoS attacks are occurring with increased frequency on shared or managed dedicated Vietnam server. These attacks have the potential to flood the servers with data requests until the servers cease to respond to anything. In a managed dedicated server such occurrences are resolved efficiently by expert technician team of hosting provider.

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  1. Performance par excellence

Dependable performance of dedicated servers can be essentially attributed to uninterrupted access to dedicated resources. With round, the clock support of expert technical professional users is not burdened with the responsibility of managing their servers.

Clients of managed dedicated server are also allowed to configure their dedicated server according to web requirements, apps and security arrangements. You can implement the custom configuration of servers with help of hosting provider in terms of software apps, disk space, CPU and RAM. Therefore, you’are always able to customize the hosting according to changing needs of server in Vietnam.

  1. Importance of dedicated IP address

Managed dedicated server facilitates the availability of dedicated IP address and eliminates chances of shared IP address that is known to tarnish the reputation of your web because of actions of other webs with common IP address. The presence of spamming webs or webs with adult content is responsible for negatively impacting your search engine rankings. If you’re running an e-commerce website, it becomes your duty to safeguard users’ online credentials like passwords and other account details by choosing managed dedicated server that provides unique IP address.