Server vietnam security for small and medium enterprises

November 15, 2016

Many people think that only large enterprises need to secure Server Vietnam, but it is important thing for small and medium enterprises.

  1. Security story

Currently, online attacks have become more complicated and cause more serious consequences. Previously, corporations and large enterprises are the main target of attacks. But now, there are more and more attacks to small and medium enterprises – what rarely happens before. The majority of small companies do not pay attention to online security.

Security story of security of Anna (name changed) is an example of a security attack to small and medium enterprises. Anna is a CFO of a manufacturing company in Chicago. She has a basic knowledge of security like not using a simple password, not access to suspicious links. However, one day, malicious attacks on Anna’s personal computers and Vietnam Server. Anna does not think that a small business like her company could become an objective to attack. That’s why she and the other leaders of the company do not notice to the system security.

Mr. Brian Yelm – CEO of Technologyvill, a security company – said that malicious computer attacking to Anna PC is quite popular and operates simply. This malicious will transfer legitimate URL that Anna logged into the fake site, which has the same interface to legitimate sites. This technique is called phishing.


When Anna logged into this fake website, she will be asked to call to customer support to confirm the company’s account. Anna made a call and answered a few questions about the account information without any of doubts. When the phone call ended, more than USD $ 300,000 was transferred to strange account immediately.

However, Anna has found that is a cheat then contacted to the bank to inform the problem. Bank and the Technologyville had found the IP addresses as well as phone numbers of hackers. The attack was conducted by a group of hackers in Eastern Europe. Anna and her company are still very lucky to get the money back.

  1. The online attacks to small and medium enterprises is increasing rapidly

According to Symantec, there are more than 43% of small and medium enterprises got phishing attacks like Anna’s company in 2015. And of course there are a few companies can get money back.

According other statistic of US Network Security, there is 1 in 5 small businesses are under malware attack each year. And there are up to 60% of them go bankrupt after 6 months. This means that a small business has 20% risk of being attacked and bankruptcy.

  1. Online security is not paid attentions

Internet Security Threat Organization announced a statistics that enterprises with fewer than 250 employees accounted for 43% of the total security attacks in 2015. This rate is higher than 2014 by 34%!

Although the attacks to small and start-ups businesses are growing fast but not all of them are objectives of hackers. The hacker does not rely on the usual factors such as operating model, financial capability, service of dedicated server Vietnam and business scale to attack. They need to know one thing:  if the security system of the enterprise can be easily to exploit or not!

Neal O’Farrell – a security expert of security consulting company Think Security First in Walnut Creek, California said: “The majority of small and medium enterprises does not understand and notice to security issues. They do not think this is a very big problem and they also do not have the ability to secure online system. They think that there are up to 27 million small and medium enterprises outside, not just their company is the objective of hacker attacks. They don’t know that malware can attack to vulnerabilities automatically”.

This mistake made a great increase of security attacks to small and medium enterprises.