Things to know about cloud Server Vietnam

August 22, 2016

With cloud a Cloud Server Vietnam, customers can get more benefits from flexible cost saving and resource change.

If you consider transferring your business to the cloud server, let do it now. It is a good solution for many enterprises. There many choices for cloud server service that depends on different demand. It will be the result of different pricing of each service.

There are many types of cloud server providers, some specialize in virtualized technology, others offer to small businesses and the others specialize in big corporations. If your enterprise does not check these provisions at the beginning, they can make their first cost to be an unexpected surprise. If you are about to move your system to the virtualized technology, the followings are 5 factors that you should notice to cloud pricing. These things can make a big influence on what your company will pay.

cloud Server Vietnam

Answer some question

It is necessary to wonder some important questions about Vietnam Cloud Server cost as well as get to understand the different models and service specialized technology. This will help you avoid expensive and unexpected cost.

How do your business operation in peak months? Do you need long or short term plan? Have you been offer service level contract? Will this service be configured to meet your specific demand?

The last question is ask your provider if there a free trial package?  Trial period allows you to see if their service fits to your business before buying.

How I can measure?

For many enterprises, using cloud server means you have to get more computing power with lower costs and less hardware. Actually to make it works efficiently, you have to take right steps as well as ask right questions.

 Why cloud computing prices are difficult to compare to others? That is because you cannot measure it with any standard. Some Vietnam dedicated server providers measure RAM over CPU strength differently. Example:

Amazon uses ECUs (EC2 Compute Units) based off a CPU running about 1Ghz to 1.2Ghz to measure.

Microsoft uses the standardized benchmarks at 1.6 GHz to measure.

That means Microsoft of measured unit will provide more operation power (per unit).

It is good for you to know what standardized measurement of each company. You can exactly compare each of them. This must be a great idea help you keep close eyes to any different cost, of cause based on measured units.

Each of the cloud server providers specialize in different aspects

You have to know that many Vietnam server hosting vendors specialize in different aspects of cloud technology. It is up to the customers to choose the most suitable solution with each specialization.

For example, if your company is looking for storage solution, you should choose a provider that specializes in this aspect instead of data processing.

All you have to do is to calm down and ask yourself what your enterprise really needs from Vietnam cloud servers. Have you needed more storage with less hardware or an environment to develop? These questions will lead to the suitable vendor and avoid overspending on purchase.

cloud Server Vietnam

Should know that there are many different models

There are a lot of different models of cloud sever. The bellows are 3 main cloud server models:

  • Feature-based model

Feature-based model is based on what function that developers want to, including pushing notifications, API versions and API calls. If you want to use these features, you have to pay more addition fee for each one that contributes to your business’s final purchase cost.

  • Tier-based model

Tier-based model is the same as the tiered plans that are used for mobile phones. With this mode, your companies are allowed choosing from a service tier list, of cause at various costs that is based on using. If the demand of your company increases more or less, you can easily adjust.

Resource-based model

Resource-based model is based on resources that your company requires. Your company not only pays for the provisioned cost in agreement but also pays for extra fees that go along with a server such as memory, storage and network requirement.

Cloud sever service help a lot of companies gain many benefits in business that other sever service cannot. Companies, however should research which models will make the best contribution to their work and how cloud sever can make their business more efficient. I must be worth of what you get and what you pay.