Top list of dedicated Vietnam server benefits

September 27, 2017


A simple search for quality dedicated Vietnam server provider throws up many names in a fraction of a second.

This is not surprising as the hosting market is populated with the similar products with each service provider claiming his/her dedicated servers to be one step ahead of others. A visit to their web and a cursory look at the features they offer presents a yawning gap between the benefits the customers are looking for and the features they are offering. Future is an attribute of your product. An advantage is what it does for the customer. A benefit is a value the advantage brings.

Webs normally go online for the first time with shared hosting. This is a type of hosting where a single physical server VN hosts multi-webs. This significantly brings down hosting cost, though on the fillip side your web has to continuously grapple with issues of heightened security threat, restrained performance, restricted functionality and so on. A dedicated server on the hand as the name suggests is devoted entirely to keep your up and running in spite of intense traffic fluctuations. You are more in control of your server and can customize it to meet your own specific hosting demands.

Businesses which start with shared hosting gradually upgrade to dedicated server with growing business operations. Dedicated server as mentioned above is expensive and as such firms are advised to carry out a careful cost-benefit analysis before deciding to look for this advanced hosting choice.

Here we show you top 5 benefits of dedicated server. This will help you get better acquainted with dedicated server and make your transition from shared to dedicated server less bothersome:

Server Vietnam

Server management

This important feature represents top 5 benefits of dedicated server. Dedicated server, as they’re completely devoted to your own business, allow you to use them for the most part as you wish. You can set up and run an OS of your choice and configure your CPU, RAM and so on according to your requirements. In additions, you can also set up any software and applications of your own liking. You will be offered the power of determining exactly when an app runs and which programs have priority over others. Besides, you are allowed the control of putting in place the most effective security and protection schemes which are specific to your own security needs.

Ultimate accessibility

The non-sharing arrangement of dedicated server Vietnam ensures that you can access your data, processes and webs without any delay and hassles. You have full control over your resources which means that your web can seamlessly operate despite sudden or unexpected surge in network traffic.

Security breaches

Dedicated server offers better security as unlike shared hosting as they have their own unique IP address. There’s no likelihood of your web being penalized for mischievous activities of others.

Bad neighbor protection

This rounds up our discussion on top 5 advantages of dedicated server. Your web isn’t susceptible to system crashes or resource starvation caused by additional resource consumption by other users present on the server.


Computational resources like hard disk, CPU, and memory aren’t shared with other website ensuring significantly higher uptime.