Vietnam Server the breakthrough in information technology

September 1, 2016

Vietnam server with flexibility and good performance helps users not only to get high economic efficiency but also save investment costs.

Inefficient operation because of “temporary host”

Currently, many enterprises especially SMEs are still using desktop for ordinary activities in order to save cost.  A desktop can still undertake the management of the business. However for long time this solution is not guaranteed effectiveness in business and investment.

When businesses grow with more employees and supply chain becomes more complicated, businesses need the more optimized hosting system that allows all employees to control the data. The desktop system begins to reveal its weaknesses and does not meet the needs of the business.

Dell PowerEdge 13G server family, featuring stacked Dell PowerEdge R630 (2.5-inch drives), R730xd (1.8-inch drives), and R730 (2.5-inch drives) rack servers with bezels, next to a Dell PowerEdge T630 (3.5-inch hard drives) tower server and a Dell PowerEdge M1000e blade server enclosure, populated with PowerEdge M710 and M610 blade servers.

Besides that, “temporary Vietnam Server Hosting” will not have the stability as well as and good performance like a “real server”. For example when screen error happens, PC system with general RAM will stop operating and must be restarted. But this will not occur with systems using ECC RAM as servers with Intel® Xeon® processors E3-1200 v3 because this system have the automatic mechanism of data recovery. So if use general computer system, you cannot ensure business efficiency and sometimes got damage.

Server solution – the breakthrough in information technology

Unlike computer system, a real server system uses E3-1200 v3 Intel® Xeon® processor that allows enterprises to achieve sustainable benefits in the long term, such as:

  • – Protect important information by data backup storage and recovery in case of hard drive failure. This capacity thanks to Intel® Rapid Storage Technology. Therefore, small and medium enterprises can operate effectively.
  • – Protect business data with the security features and keep your system safe from unauthorized changes to the operating system and BIOS of system (Intel® Platform Protection Technology including BIOS and OS Guard Guard).
  • – Make better performance with Vietnam VPS Server, improve business growth and handle the errors in the shortest time.


Instead of spending a certain cost for the repairing and replacement of malfunctioning, you will reduce damage to a minimum with server systems and keep the business guaranteed.