Website, web hosting and Vietnam server bandwidth

December 26, 2016

In practical it is tough to calculate the exact amount, so should you decide on your Vietnam servers bandwidth just with a guess work?

Websites can be broadly categorized as small, medium huge and websites. Huge sites categorically has large amount of data and attract enormous traffic wherein small sites have lesser amount of data mostly in terms of text and has less pages. The traffic for the slow load websites can be slighter. Based on the size of your site and a foresight of how many visitors can be visiting your site, you can arrive at the bandwidth limitation.


Web hosting and bandwidth

Bandwidth and hosting plans are directly proportional to each other. If the bandwidth requisite of your site is more, you’ll have to choose among the hosting plans providing huge bandwidth.

Generally, site bandwidth is miscalculated resulting in a misinterpreting the hosting plan resulting in either having too less or too much bandwidth of it to cope up with the actual traffic of the site.


Your involvement and focus on the bandwidth demand of the site from the first day of its inception can make sure that you’ll choose a hosting plan with exact bandwidth need.

Here are some stepladders to accomplish the same

File size of your site should be minimal. Make use of many online tools available on the internet that tells you the page size. The tools can compress the webpages to make it compact. Let’s use image compression tools while uploading images and keep the number of images to minimal.

Have a check on the number of file that you are providing for download and keep it minimized and try keeping the file size as low as possible.


As you know that your page size is minimal, you have compressed images on the site and you know the exact size of the files you are providing for download. This will make you understand the basic bandwidth need of your site. And there are chances that with the measures you’ll be arriving at the optimal limitation of the bandwidth.