What is better, dedicated server or cloud server vietnam ?

November 21, 2016

What is better choice, dedicated server or cloud server Vietnam? This article will help you answer this question.

Dedicated server

Dedicated server allows users can to possess entire server without sharing with anyone. Dedicated servers are usually located in a data center that ensures the safety of the server.

Benefits of Dedicated Server

  • Large storage.
  • Fast processing speed.
  • High Internet speed.
  • Enterprises have all administration.
  • No to share server resources with others.
  • Customer access to website quickly.


We all can see the benefits of dedicated server however there are some disadvantages that you should know:

  • You have to do all the process of upgrading, maintenance, management and hosting by yourself.
  • Hiring of a physical server at a fixed place can make it easy to get risks such as natural disasters, floods, fires, etc.
  • Large investment.
  • The impact to dedicated server Vietnam is too complicated.

Cloud server

With the rapid growth of information technology Internet, investors are facing huge expenses for hiring, upgrading and maintenance of the virtual host (server). Cloud server technology has solved this problem and helps organizations, businesses to save a lot of money.

We can see that most of the businesses often use VPS hosting or shared hosting that can get more problems with data storage, upgrade and maintenance. Cloud server technology is an application developed on the basic of cloud computing. It combines multiple physical servers together to reduce risks of server operation and development.

Benefits of cloud server

Cloud computing technology creates high performance and flexibility in fixing the problem. So server operation is stable.

Cloud server provides you the friendly interface of server management with full features such as reboot, power-off, resource management, server resetting and other advanced features just by a click.


Vietnam cloud servers allows you to observe the operation of the servers. When a server get errors, the others are still not affected because of automatically switching between servers.

If the customer needs more resources, just upgrade or create new virtual servers in your internal systems.

Every Server on the system offers remote access services. With Linux you can access to the server with “root”, with Windows you can “remote desktop” to server and configure it as you want.