What Vietnam Server Hosting administrators have to know

September 1, 2016

Domain and hosting plays an important part of website. Vietnam server hosting administrator should know how to control system effectively.

  1. Transaction with server hosting provider

To make a website operate we have to buy domain and hosting. It is said that registry a domain and hosting is the very first step of building a website.

With regular individual user, it is necessary to deal with vendors to buy the domain and hosting. Some of the most popular domain providers are known as Godaddy, Namcheap, Domain.com and 1AND1.

Today there are many quality hosting server providers with various kind of service: Vietnam dedicated server, shared hosting server and VPS. You can choose one of them depending on your demands. Remember to check carefully about their both advantages and disadvantages before buying.

  • Shared hosting: the user is offer the hosting by provider to use
  • Virtual Private Server: users rent virtual servers and get entire administration.
  • Dedicated server: users rent a physical server and have the full right to create virtual servers as well as administer hosting.
  • Reseller hosting: users become a service provider to offer Shared hosting or VPS hosting to others.

Domain and hosting service are two types: Free and Paid. The free domain and hosting often come with a lot of advertising and restrictions, sol it is only suitable for personal purposes.


  1. Configure domain and hosting

The first step of the administration is to register domain and hosting with one provider then the provider will send confirmation email about a successful registry. The hosting administrators rely on the information of this email to:

  • Configure the domain
  • Setting up FTP, email accounts
  • Set sub-domain, park-domain, addon-domain if necessary
  • Set up a database if necessary
  1. Install website to hosting

In this step, you have to upload website content to hosting through FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

You can use the software that supports the FTP protocol to upload content to Vietnam server hosting.

  1. Configure website

After uploading website’s content, you should set the following parameters to make website active.

– Setting up domain that is compatible with the host.

– Set up a database of the website (if necessary).

– Edit your technical specifications of website (link to the database, the database name…)


  1. Setting and Managing VPS

– VPS (Virtual Private Server): virtual server created from the physical server.

– VPS hosting: VPS is a server operating as a web server.

– VPS hosting is often managed by WHM (Web Host Manager) and cPanel. WHM allows administrators to create and set up accounts. CPanel allows account owner to manage their accounts.