What you should know about Server Vietnam service ?

August 19, 2016

Nowadays, with rapid development of information technology, companies need the huge system storage. Server Vietnam helps us resolve this problem.

It is necessary for enterprise or organization to have a server that helps operating and managing information technology systems. Perhaps not everyone understands exact definition of a server even though when they are using it. This is so popular especially for people who do not know much about technology and do not access this issue in a simple and easy way.

Server Vietnam

Previously, people define “server” simply as a CPU, but with the specialized and upgraded functions and configurations. It is used to connect other computers and devices in a limited location like in an office, company, school… It is also the center of data exchange, sharing information resources and devices through a network.  In theory, any computers or devices sharing network resources can be considered servers. You can completely turn a desktop computer into a server just by adding appropriate software.  Server computers usually use specific operation systems that you cannot find on personal computers. From the day internet presented in Vietnam, there are more and more companies choose Vietnam dedicated server as an information management solutions.

For example, in an office with 10 computers independently, without connecting between computers, if you want to you print a document from other computer, it is really a trouble. You have to use your own printer, if not you must set the printer driver up to 10 computers or use a USB drive.  But when using unlimited bandwidth server in Vietnam, we do not have to do that. All you have to do is just setting up the printer drive on server and connecting all of the computers through a network and then you can use the printer or any devices easily with any computer. Or if you want to share data to each other, just bring it up to the server and everybody can see it. It can be webmail storage, website hosting or the space where operate dedicated software. In this period, the meaning of a server seems to be like a local area network.


In the field of information technology, sever is known as a device or a program that is dedicated to managing network resources. It is a system of appropriate computer software and hardware that can meet the providing network service requirements. Servers often provide essential services through the Internet. Some of the typical computer serves is a database server, file server, mail server, print server, web server, game server, application server and the other one.

There are many people use dedicated server in Vietnam and all over the world. Depending on particular job, you will determine what server is appropriate. Now we can see that many enterprises use high quality dedicated server Vietnam for the business and trade purpose. Some organizations use it to improve information exchange process. The question you should answer is how it resolves data storage and recovery issue. Do not forget estimate the number of users will be sent to the server. That is some essential things that you need to consider before choosing a server service.