When is your Vietnam server at risk? – VinaHost

December 14, 2017

Dedicated  server VietNam is the heart of business. So if there’s something goes wrong, you can get lost all of your administrations, privacy and so on.

  1. Backup

Whilst most companies understand the necessity of backing up their data, many do not think to create a backup of their entire server. What they do not realize is that having a backup of your vital data will not help much if you need to rebuild your server from scratch.

Without a complete image of your server, all of permissions, the software and server installations will be lost in the event of a server crash. In this case, it could take long time to restore your server. It takes time to setup the OS, apply patches and updates, recreates file permissions, install the email server VN, printer configuration and so on.

Meanwhile, employees may not be able to perform usual task like accessing email or printing documents. The important file permissions are also lost, preventing employees from accessing important data.

Even after the server is up and operating again, it will take couples of days to work out all the little glitches and issues that usually pop-up.

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  1. Add a reliable battery backup solution

One area of server security that is most usually overlooked is the addition of battery backup. This tool offers power to your server in the case of a sudden power outage, allowing your server adequate time to shut down properly. This prevents sudden shutdowns which can cause data corruption or damage to server components.

Battery backup systems are inexpensive and usually offer about 10 minutes of power during an outage. If the power goes off and comes right back on, your server will keep operating normally. If the power is out longer, the server in Vietnam will shut itself down properly, performing all the necessary housekeeping functions to keep your server safe.

  1. Regular update

One of the best things you can do to ensure the security of your server is to download and setup OS and software updates as they become available. Failure to perform this leaves your server open to vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit to access your system. Get in the habit of performing regular updates as soon as they come out to make sure that your server is secure.