Where your disaster recovery server VN should be located

November 30, 2017

With server VN location matters, you want to strike the right balance. This’s true with disaster recovery. The followings are things to consider:

  • Your staff should be able to get to the site as soon as possible in order to work on resolving the issue if necessary.
  • The location of your disaster recovery site should be should be far enough away from your primary site so it is not to be effected by the same physical disaster.
  • Do you have the resources available to properly test your disaster recovery plan on a regular basis?
  • The location of your disaster recovery site should be close enough to realistically achieve your RTO – recovery time objective and RPO – recovery point objective objectives.

    Server Vietnam

Many business owners think that once they have a disaster recovery Vietnam server in place they are golden. This could not be further from the truth. You have taken the critical first step, but testing your plan is the only way to make sure that it works. And the only way to make sure it will work into the future is to have a continuous testing plan. Having a set testing schedule in place will help you remain protected into the future.

Do you need to meet the compliance? Certain compliances require you to meet specific standards when it comes to disaster recovery. Make sure to take these requirements into consideration early on in the process.

Consider potential complications you will not want to deal with at the time of a disaster, like what hardware you will be restoring to. If you are not restoring to similar hardware you will likely have to deal with additional licenses.

Should you store your disaster recovery plan in the cloud server or with traditional hosting server in Vietnam? A lot of different factors will go in to making this choice. Due to the flexibility and cost benefits of the cloud it may seem like an obvious choice. However, there are still pros of using traditional hosting server for your disaster recovery setup. Therefore, you have to make sure to weigh all advantages and disadvantages before jumping right in to a solution.