Why cloud server in Vietnam becomes more and more attractive?

December 18, 2017

To help clarify why cloud server in Vietnam becomes more and more attractive, here are reasons to use the cloud.

More security

The celebrity phone-hacking scandal is just one case that highlighted the fact that remotely-stored data is only as secure as the servers and firewalls that protect it. The increasing adoption of 2-factor authentication and military-grade security in unmarked server facilities means a cloud drive can now be more secure than on-premises equipment. Plus, a lost laptop does not compromise security any more.

Lower cost

Register a cloud-hosted network requires no capital expenditure on any investment in IT personnel to make everything work. Since subscription-based cloud server VN can also be installed in hours, costs are reduced further.

More powerful

When data is hosted in the cloud computing, terminals and devices only need to display information that has been processed elsewhere. This has enabled today’s mobile devices to introduce visual displays and lightweight components, rather than having to house heavy and bulky battery-draining hardware.

Server in Vietnam

Go-anywhere flexibility

Remember the days of arriving at a meeting and realizing you would be forgotten to print out a key document, or not being able to check your email on the move? Cloud server has the potential to eliminate these problems, right down to desktop mirroring and universal access to personal documents.

More scalability

Rather than trying to predict what IT services you will need in future, and purchasing hardware accordingly, cloud Vn server can respond to demand at any given point. That means it is possible to only pay for what you need, rather than what you might need in 5 years’ time. Periods of peak demand can also be catered for without requiring year-round investment in maintaining that level of service.

You can work at home

Many people agree that the 9-to-5 office-based working week is an anachronism. Allowing staffs to work from home via a cloud server ensures productivity can be maintained and monitored, whilst enabling people to avoid commuting can increase job satisfaction and retention – particularly among working parents.


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